Magical Barbados Caribbean Remote Beaches

The Caribbean island of Barbados has amazing sandy beaches that are made for you! There is a beach for all tastes; for kids, adults, adventure or escape and for fun in the sun on sand and sea, or for recuperating on a beach chair with a refreshing banks beer.

Video of Top Caribbean Picnic Beaches in Barbados

You can walk on a rugged coast line with the wild Atlantic Ocean crashing on the shore, you can make your day a beach day. You may also like to Visit the windswept Bathsheba and East Coast where the Atlantic Ocean rages into the shore with a force that will touch your soul.bathshebarocks-seascape-lo

Not all beaches are wild and windswept, in fact most are not. You will find surging seas in the north and east of the island. There is good wave action in the south and as you move west the ocean gets calmer.



Tips & Reviews on Barbados Best Caribbean Beaches’s Beaches Page offers many tips, links and photos of the beaches around the island. It covers what you need to know about safe and active beaches from clam waters to raging waves. There is a beach guide, a map of beaches to help you get there and a page of the coastal features with videos and explanations of tide pools, tidal flats and other unique coastal features of the island. Source: The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia

See details at Barbados Best Caribbean Beaches Review

A Little Help From Man

Sometimes man has to help nature to build or protect its beaches. This was the case for the South Coast of Barbados. The tides and winds have played havock with the coast line and many sand beaches were washed away. This was especially evident along the streach where they build the now famous south coast Boardwalk.  In many places, the shoreline had to be fortified with gabions that jut out to the sea.

building-beaches-groins The gabions were positioned strategically to channel the tides and sea action to help build the beach. In addition, sand was trucked in from a stockpile left from dredging the harbour.

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10 Fun Things To Do in Barbados with Kids

10 Fun Things To Do in Barbados with Kids

A Million Ways Your Days can Unfold in Barbados

There are so many ways your family fun days can unfold in Barbados.  Come and enjoy a family vacation holiday: From swimming with the turtles and visiting an animal flowers to submarines dives and Island Safaris: Barbados has something for everyone!  See our video of just 10 things that kids love to do on holiday in Barbados.

 See all activities for children and families  at

Atlantis Submarine Adventures

Children really treasure discovering the Caribbean’s marine all-natural charm from the inside of a Real Live Barbados Submarine. Atlantis Submarines Barbados will carry you away to the coral-coated shipwrecks and to see the fantastical tropical fish up close and personal.



Submarine Dives for All Ages


With “Brilliant Barbados” Kids  Dive for FREE!

Take advantage of this exciting Brilliant Barbados Kids Stay & Play for free promotion! One child 16 years and under per adult dives FREE with Atlantis Submarines!  Children must be at least three feet tall.

Booking period: March 20th – Oct 31st, 2017
Travel period: May 1st – Oct 31st, 2017

Just a Taste of what’s to come

There is much, much more to discover and enjoy in Barbados. This is simply an taste of what is to come with your many family adventures with children at!

Check out the Stellar  Trip Savvy Review of Kids Holidays in Barbados














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Escape East Barbados – Rustic Elegance with Soul is pleased to present  ‘Escape East Barbadosa new page to help travelers who are looking for something off the beaten track. The east coast of Barbados is noted for its rugged windswept barren wilderness. It s an an escape away from the crowd in a land with chalk mountains and unusual geological features. It may seen a bit odd that we say this place is both invigorating and an escape. In fact it is both of these as you will see in the video, and as the page explains in some detail. You can’t help but feel invigorated with the wind blowing as it does; fierce and powerful yet oddly caressing. The place is far away, and its tucked away hideaways are a perfect retreat from the busy world.

UNESCO Heritage Site Nomination

Strange as it may seem Barbados is increasing in size because of its unique underlying Caribbean tectonic plates that are pushed together to form a prism. Continued pressure further deforms and shoves the prism higher elevating Barbados further out of the sea. Much of the anomalies and structures are in the area called the Scotland district which has been proposed as a UNESCO Heritage Site:

bathshebarock-m2As noted in the UNESCO Heritage Site proposal “Physiographically, the Scotland District appears as a half bowl containing the hilly highlands of Barbados, with a dense, in parts jungle-like vegetation, quite unlike the rest of the island, which is rather flat, deforested, and commonly used for agriculture.”  All this and more have gotten the islands’ east coast nominated as a potential UNESCO Heritage Site.

The East Coast is unlike any other part of the island. It is special in many ways, among them are the distinctive hotels, bed and breakfast, quaint Inns, guest houses, villas, apartments and cottages:  All fit into the rough coast terrain with their special rustic charm. Like the Atlantis Hotel a four star hotel on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Windswept and exposed to raging waves and the constant ocean spray, it melds elegance with its very own raw charm.

The East Coast Travel Personas

Persona Holidays Rustic Chic

Travelers who love to escape east for a holiday getaway may have many personas, but all have one thing in common: They love the raw beauty of nature and the feeling of freedom that comes with being out in nature, free to explore, breathing in the breeze and the surf salt air. They are avant-garde, artisans, scholars, trendsetters and mystics. They may be artists and architects who love to explore and commune with nature. Some are soulful and love quiet hideaways some are open and love to mingle with like minds.

The East Coast caters to all with very specific places to stay. Using the vacation planner, travelers will find that the personality matching system will pair them up with the hotel that most suites them personally. All places to stay have been classified by personality and are recommended by their psychological fit. It’s a fun and simple systems that helps travelers find the perfect match for holidays and makes searching for options. Unlike many travel planning systems it is precise and does not overwhelm.

PersonaHolidays in Action

Using, you will see that PersonaHolidays instantly recommends a hotel based on personality. If its expert system determines that you are an Avant-Garde traveler, one who prefers elegance, it will suggest you stay at the Atlantis Hotel. Atlantis is a full service resort that combines luxury with a twist of rustic chic. But it may determine that you are an artisan in which case it will suggest Sea-U guest house.

For visitors who want to be a bit more off the beaten track it will suggest Santosha Soulful Mystique. It’s a short distance away from the ocean, up windy hill past Chalky Mount.

Come to Nature


Nature is everywhere in this land of ocean and rock molded by wind and surf. Those who visit these rugged lands appreciate the architecture of rustic rock and wood that blends perfectly with the rustic quality of the place. Casual is invigoratingly casual. Luxury is rustic. All is described in detail in Holidays Barbados website.

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Barbados Vacations

Barbados has the highest rate of return visitors that any other Caribbean island. That means those who come to this island love it and return again and again, year after year. Why? Because it is Distinctive in so many ways. It boosts the best beaches in the Caribbean, world class gourmet dining and accommodation for every taste and budget, a diverse culture and amazing people – Some call it Distinctively Charming.

When you visit Barbados, you will discover it is mostly a flat coral island with excellent beaches, but there are rolling hills and many deep ridges and gullies, with an interesting distribution of flora and fauna. Within the Barbados coral core there is a vast array of caves and underground lakes which provide an excellent supply of drinking water that is among the purest in the world.


Geologically Barbados is unique, being actually two land masses that merged together over the years. This and other anomalies make this Caribbean Island quite phenomenal, and there are geological structures that you will find only in Barbados.

Barbados is a unique Caribbean paradise, surprisingly sophisticated, friendly, fun and always Naturally Charming!

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